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Current Support

Children’s Guild

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Since its founding in 1953, The Children’s Guild has been a trailblazing innovator, providing services for children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral and mental disorders. It has evolved from a one-room preschool to serving thousands of children and their families, through special education and charter schools, school-based mental health services, treatment foster care, group care,…

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Seniors for Change

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Col. HMS Murthy, Sheela Murthy’s father, was a founding member of the Senior Citizens of Bangalore, or Seniors for Change, which became the first organization in India to partner with the MurthyNAYAK Foundation. It is comprised of nine schools managed by a variety of trusts. The schools mainly cater to underprivileged children in need of…

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And Justice For All: MNF Supports Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland

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Among our most sacred and fundamental blessings in this country is the rule of law – what John Adams aptly described as a government of laws, not of men – a system that protects freedom generally by securing the rights of the individual. American courts provide a forum where every citizen can seek relief from…

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Foundation Supports Employee Volunteerism!

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The MurthyNAYAK Foundation does its share to encourage volunteerism among Murthy Law Firm (MLF) employees, supporting their efforts to raise funds for – and awareness of – many worthy causes that need greater attention. Two recent examples: Pam Genise, a Supervising Attorney and Member of MLF, joined friends and family for a fundraising Walk for…

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WTCI Event

World Trade Center Institute

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Maryland’s most successful companies know the importance of a sound global business strategy. They know that, to tap into world markets, they must develop business relationships across the barriers of language and culture, and learn to function in overseas markets and foreign legal and regulatory environments. As the largest international business network in the Mid-Atlantic,…

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Read India Project


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Pratham – the goal of this nonprofit is to ensure that every child in India – regardless of social or economic status – will be able to attend school, and thereby lay the groundwork not only for personal success and advancement, but for the educational enfranchisement of an entire society. Pratham promotes forward-thinking educational programs…

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MICA Website

Maryland Institute College of Art

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MICA – the Maryland Institute College of Art, MICA, is among the leading art programs in the country, and indeed the world. Vasant Nayak, filmmaker and photographer, founded MICA’s innovative graduate program in digital arts, keep it on the leading edge of artistic creation in a time of rapid technological transformation. MICA has continually re-invented…

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ASHA For Women

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The MurthyNAYAK Foundation is a proud sponsor of ASHA for Women, a Washington-based non-profit organization that helps South Asian women who are victims of domestic abuse. The word “asha” means “hope” in Hindi and other South Asian languages, and giving hope to women in crisis is ASHA’s reason for being. We wholeheartedly support this work…

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