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American Immigration Council

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The American Immigration Council (AIC, formerly AILF, the American Immigration Law Foundation) is a nonprofit organization that promotes the prosperity and diversity of our nation by educating people about the enduring benefits of immigration, and by preserving a legal framework that will help America continue to be a nation of immigrants. The MurthyNAYAK Foundation supports the work of AIC through annual financial contributions and participation in its work. Attorney Sheela Murthy has served in as an advisor to this influential organization, and is a trustee emerita of AIC.

AIC’s legal advocacy arm, the Legal Action Center, litigates important test cases on immigration issues of vital interest to the just administration of our immigration laws, and files amicus curiae briefs in cases of special significance. It also provides information resources for legal professionals involved in immigration litigation and works with a coalition of lawyers and immigrant rights advocates to promote the just and fair administration of our immigration laws.

AIC also works to educate the public about immigration issues, and seeks to dispel popular misconceptions through its Community Education Center, highlighting the contributions of immigrants to the rich diversity of our society. AIC provides authoritative research and analysis on the public policy of immigration through its Immigration Policy Center, and sponsors international exchange visitors to the United States through an internship and training program.

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