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Chennakeshava School

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The Chennakeshava School is a visible sign of hope for hundreds of children from poor neighborhoods in Bangalore, India. Through a gift to United Way International, the MurthyNAYAK Foundation provides free breakfast and lunch, books, some scholarships, and transportation for 2,000 children at the Chennakeshava School. A large proportion of the children at Chennakeshava are the first in their family to go to school; for all of them, a good education is the only thing that gives them a realistic chance of being able to achieve their childhood dreams of a better life.

Recognizing how hard it is to learn on an empty stomach, the MNF provides nutritious meals to the children so they can concentrate on their studies. MNF worked with nutrition experts to devise a meal plan that would provide the essential nutrients children need for growing minds and growing bodies.

Chennakeshava School is preparing these students for a better future, feeding their hungry young minds with lessons in math, science, and reading, and integrating computers into the curriculum to equip them for more advanced study and jobs in the modern digital economy for which Bangalore has become famous.

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