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And Justice For All: MNF Supports Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland

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Among our most sacred and fundamental blessings in this country is the rule of law – what John Adams aptly described as a government of laws, not of men – a system that protects freedom generally by securing the rights of the individual. American courts provide a forum where every citizen can seek relief from trespasses against their rights. Our Constitution enshrines the principle that where there’s a wrong, there’s a remedy.

The problem is: these rights don’t enforce themselves, and not everyone can afford to hire a lawyer to vindicate their rights in court, when the need arises. Enter, the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland – a nonprofit whose mission is “to promote equal access to justice in Maryland by coordinating and supporting volunteer civil legal services, providing resources and support for legal advocates for the poor, and promoting cooperation within the legal community.”

The MurthyNAYAK Foundation recently made a major gift to support the outstanding work of the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland, including its projects in foreclosure prevention, consumer protection, family mediation, and veterans’ benefits assistance. PBRC helps attorneys to provide pro bono legal services, by helping to recruit, train, recognize, and support pro bono lawyers who provide legal services to the poor – not for pay, but for the public good.

MNF supports PBRC because we believe that, in a democratic society, the rights of all people matter – especially of those whose economic circumstances make them vulnerable to exploitation. Further information on the PBRC is on the web at

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